In the 6 months since I returned from India, I haven’t published any new writing to this site. The usual obstacles are partly to blame: busyness, procrastination, distraction… an inexplicable mission to watch all 175 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. But a big part of the reason I’ve gone quiet is I’ve been thinking about what kind of work I want to share here.

When I last rebooted this site, I was going through some painful losses. One of the ways I decided to deal with those losses was to focus my energy on learning to listen to and trust my gut. Following my instincts had been something I’d long struggled with, and I figured that working through that would help me heal and give me a consistent topic to write about.

I published about ten posts since then, some of which are explicitly about re-connecting to my instincts, and some of which are more metaphorical. Much of that writing shifts between short story, journal, and poem, and while I love it, I’ve realized there other things I want to write about, other genres I want to play with.

So I’m re-rebooting. And I’m making a couple of changes:

  • I’m putting my name at the top of this site. I even bought the domain so that those skilled enough to spell it can find me that way.
  • I’m giving myself permission to write in whatever genre I want: poetry, short stories, journal entries, open letters, articles, travelogues… I know many successful writers pick one and master it, but that’s not me right now.
  • I’m going to write about whatever interests me: an article I read, an experience from a trip I took 10 years ago, an idea I had in the shower, a piece of software that changed my life… I have eclectic interests, and I’m going to let my writing wander between them.
  • I’m going to stop heaping expectations on every piece of writing to be a timeliness, universal masterpiece. I’m going to put more emphasis on actually writing and hope that, over time, the work improves.
  • I’m going to publish more than one post every three months. Four 500-word pieces a year is not enough to self-apply the title of Writer, which is really the motivation beneath all this work to begin with.

Hopefully this reset shakes some more words from my fingers. Thanks for reading.