Hi. I’m a writer, urban planner, and teacher from Toronto, Canada.

I work as an Associate at Swerhun Facilitation, a small firm doing big work in public consultation. I’m also on the Board of MABELLEarts, which does amazing work to transform public space and the way people inhabit it.

This site is where I share my writing: articles, journals, short stories, and sometimes poetry.  



I’m obsessed with systems: things that can be ordered, fiddled with, dissected, or reassembled. Things like cities, computers, governance, and workflows. In some ways, my obsession has made my life more manageable, while in others, it’s been stifling. I’ve learned to accept this obsession as part of me, so almost all my work plays with the tension between implementing systems and breaking them down.



No lesson has been more important to me than understanding the importance of discomfort. Nearly all of my personal, professional, or spiritual growth has come from making, finding, or feeling my way through the unfamiliar. Discomfort is the adrenaline I inject into my heart whenever it sags from too much ease.



Something special happens when geography and stories intersect: a location becomes a place, alive with meaning. I love hearing and sharing stories about places, and spend a lot of time thinking about emotional landscapes and maps.



The chugging of the city, the ping of emails and meeting requests, the awkward performance of friendship in social media… Once I started hearing the din of noise that hums in the background of everyday life, I couldn’t un-notice it. I’ve worked hard to make quiet a conscious component of my life through things like meditation, disconnecting from digital media, and purging clutter.